1. Do I need previous restaurant or franchising experience to become a franchise owner?
    • While it is beneficial to have experience in food business/industry it is not mandate.
  2. How soon can I expect my franchise outlet to open?
    • Generally, once your site location is approved it takes about 90 from the day execution of work begins
  3. What are the ideal Locations for Sevenscoops ?
    • Preferably Hi-Street, Hi-Footfall, near Colleges, Corporate offices, Clubs, Busy Markets,Malls, Multiplexes, Food Courts & many more.
  4. What is the minimum area required to open SevenScoops outlet?
    • Minimum is 250 sq ft. Which can go upto 2000sq.ft.
  5. Does SevenScoops helps in Initial set up of the Outlets?
    • Yes, SevenScoops has a dedicated Team for Initial Set-up.
  6. Does Franchisee have to follow the initial set-up done by SevenScoops?
  7. Can the Franchisee appoint their own Carpenter & Interior designers for Initial Set-Up of Outlet of SevenScoops ?
    • Yes, only after SevenScoops  official Interior design has  approved .Failure to adhere to the standards may lead to cancellation of franchise.
  8. Can the Franchisee change the Pricing of the Products as and when they wish?
    • No,the Franchisee doesn’t have the rights for such changes in Prices of products.
  9. What is process for taking up the Franchisee of SevenScoops ?
    • The Franchisee needs to Sign a LOI (Letter of Intent).
    • Pay franchisee Fee plus Taxes towards SevenScoops .
    • Sign an Agreement Copy.